The Response to Clint Eastwood

“Secretly, everybody’s getting tired of political correctness, kissing up. That’s the kiss-ass generation we’re in right now. We’re really in a pussy generation. Everybody’s walking on eggshells. We see people accusing people of being racist and all kinds of stuff. When I grew up, those things weren’t called racist.” – Clint Eastwood (National Post)

Let me provide some insight here.  Clint Eastwood was asked about Donald Trump and he spoke that while he supports the Republican candidate he thinks Trump has said a lot of stupid stuff.  I’m not surprised.  Later he made the comment I’ve quoted above.  In particular he talked about walking on eggshells and that some things in the past weren’t considered racism but are today.

Now a lot of people simple reacted and reacted like fucking idiots.  Then again, most Canadians it seems are hypersensitive about Donald Trump and shut off their tiny brains when ever there is an article about him or referencing him.  Let me just say I hate Donald Trump.  He’s a terrible example of a human being.  He’s an opportunist, a liar, and a bully.  Actually he sounds like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton rolled into one body.

But back to Mr. Eastwood.  Clint Eastwood has railed against our modern politically correct culture because stuff people today call racism and hate was not called racism or seen as hateful in the past.  Namely on university campuses we have policies where students are told to use gender neutral pronouns.  Other campuses have freedom from free speech zones and safe spaces.  You may recall a video on Facebook a few days ago that was making the rounds about police officers giving away ice cream cones after stopping people.  Someone put up a comment to complain about how this is difficult for African Americans after one of the videos showed the cops getting a smile from an African American woman after she got her ice cream cone.  They said that the police were not being helpful.   Oh and let’s not forget the banning of the Yoga class at the University of Ottawa because the students felt it could be racist due to its cultural appropriation.  In simple terms we have people that are calling everything and anything hate speech and racism because they are, as Mr. Eastwood said, pussies.

Folks we in the west do walk on eggshells today.  It was best stated by Jerry Seinfeld when he declared he would no longer perform on university and college campuses because of how the students were acting – they would yell at him, attack him personally, and organize protests despite the fact his show did not use any form of racial humor.   He was accused of using micro-aggressions.

Mr. Eastwood pointed out that we live in a pussy society – with a pussy generation.  He’s right.  In 1945 young men were storming the beaches of Normandy to liberate Europe.  Today young men and women are seeking safe spaces when speaker says something that shocks them because it is traumatic.  Yes, we have a pussy generation that’s been so molly coddled that they have had to redefine racism to be the mere discussion of racial issues by those not of said race.  Think I’m wrong?  Take a look at Black Lives Matter.  You cannot talk about any of those issues cause if you do you’ll be labeled a racist on the spot.

But let’s look at some of the comments from the people attacking Mr. Eastwood.

clinteastwood-001 clinteastwood-002  clinteastwood-004 clinteastwood-005  clinteastwood-007 clinteastwood-008 clinteastwood-009 clinteastwood-010



















Folks look at those comments and spot the hypocrisy.  Mr. Eastwood is calling out political correctness gone awry.  Yet how do those on the political left challenge him?  Well they attack Clint Eastwood for his race, his age, and his gender.  It’s okay to the likes of Jocelyne Woodley and Alesa Sutherland to single out these facts.  Now if someone had attacked an actor for their race and gender what would have happened?

Well you need to look only as far as Twitter and the recent dust up over Ghost Busters.  People were banned.  Others were called racist for referring to Leslie Jone’s race and misogynist for talking about her gender.  I’m talking just the mild comments not the extreme ones.  Lots went a lot further and those were awful.  Yet here it’s OK in the minds of these people to single out a person for their race, age, and gender.

Why the double standard and why this level of hate from someone claiming to be university educated?  Hey University of Manitoba do you know your students say this stuff online?  That reflects on you.

I think the best comment though was the following:






Now I don’t know who “Marc Opie” is and I suspect the account might be fake or with a fake name.  But that comment right there tells us all how the left really things.  If you agree with Mr. Eastwood – if you think he’s got a point you must be a “cuntsevative.”

Though I think Mr. Opie should have spelled it “cuntservative” if that’s what he was after since you do need that “R” in there.  Then again, when have left wing elitists from Toronto been known for decent manners or intellect.  We are talking about some of the biggest, nastiest people online after all.  It is their way or the high way.

These assholes aren’t just baked.  Their tiny pea sized brains have been fried.

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