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Gay Conversion Therapy

I rarely agree with the NDP.  I mean half the baked spuds in this country call the NDP their home. Anyways for once the Baked Canadian isn’t in the picture.  Nope, Cheri DiNovo is on the right side of this … Continue reading

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Creationists in Politics

We have seen a new kind of Baked Canadian in the last few weeks.  This is the politician that stands up tall and proud and proclaims he does not believe in Evolution. Now you make think that poor bastard has … Continue reading

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The Anti-Vaccine Crowd

What’s the definition of a dumb fuck?  Sure I could invent a definition by looking up the words “dumb” and a street definition for a person described as a “fuck” but that seems redundant.  United States Supreme Court Justice Potter … Continue reading

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