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Watching From A Safe Distance

I have to tell you that I love watching radicals and propagandists and other buffoons online commenting.  They are truly legends in their own minds. Okay so you might be asking “Well aren’t you a legend in your own mind?”  … Continue reading

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Capitalizing on Tragedy

If we don’t crack down on our own civilian gun conundrum, our police will also have to turn into robo-cops, the way they have in the U.S., and will also be obliged to spy on our citizens, National Security Agency-style. … Continue reading

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Justin Trudeau: You’re paying his childcare

It wasn’t shocking and it wasn’t unexpected.  Yesterday it was revealed that Justin Trudeau has hired not one but two nannies to care for his three children.  What was shocking and what was unexpected was that the man that said … Continue reading

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