Should the AR-15 be Reclassified?

Here’s some irony.  The debate in the US and in Canada are very different when it comes to the AR-15.  You see after the tragic events in Orlando, Florida on Sunday morning liberals in the US are demanding that the AR-15 be banned.  Yet here in Canada a petition, signed by 25,000+ Canadians asked that it be reclassified from “restricted” to “non-restricted.”  The petition was just presented in Parliament by Conservative MP Bob Zimmer.

Now full disclosure, I signed that e-Petition.  I signed it because Canadian fire arms owners have proven themselves for 20 years to be responsible citizens of the highest degree of abiding the law.

A lot of people, well mostly leftists in the House of Commons were aghast at this given the timing.  Well Mr. Zimmer put it through the system and he could not have known some ISIL supporting homophobic asshole was going to go and murder 50 people and injure 53 others.  People don’t schedule their acts of evil in advance to let everyone know.

Elizabeth May, the leader of the Green Party, gave the following statement:

“I think all Canadians are wondering why it’s legal anywhere to sell AR-15 weapons. It is horrific that such weapons exist,” Green Party Leader Elizabeth May told reporters Tuesday. “It was shocking to realize that he had presented that petition.”

Frankly her comment is ignorant.  She’s unaware of some basic facts.  First off, in Canada you have to go through a rigorous process to get even a non-restricted weapon.  Second, the AR-15 here is limited to 5 rounds and not 30 or more.  We don’t allow high capacity magazines.  Third, she mentioned the following:

“People who are legitimately hunting use a rifle, skill and aim. People don’t go into the woods, loaded with AR-15s, hoping to blow wildlife to bits. They’re hunting, they’re not murderously slaughtering.”

The caliber used in the AR-15 is found in other long guns.  As well, many long guns are also semi-automatic.  What does that mean?  The AR-15 is a look and feel for a firearm and you can add things to it like different scopes, sights, and of course the stock can be positioned.  But really, it isn’t any different in terms of what it can do compared to a regular semi-automatic long gun of similar or exact same caliber.

This is the problem with the hysteria that Ms. May like many other politicians possess.  They see a media report and think that what they see on the TV is the same everywhere.   They don’t educate themselves.  They don’t actually read what is in the law here.

Should the AR-15 be reclassified to non-restricted?  Yes.  Why?  Because the existing non-restricted firearms restrictions make it plenty safe.  Canadian firearms enthusiasts and hunters are the single most law abiding group of people in Canada.

This isn’t the USA.  This is Canada and its time uneducated MP’s like Ms. May respect people that have different opinions than she does.

Actually, we have facts to back our opinions.  She doesn’t.

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