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The News Goes WTF

Yup.  What the fuck?  That’s what I think about our media some days.  Folks we know our media, the news media in particular, is heavily biased but did any of us really think it was this bad? You ask what’s … Continue reading

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Stupid Cyclists

Sometimes it isn’t a politician, an organization, or even anyone important that qualifies as a Baked Canadian. I walk my dog every day – at least once.  He likes to walk down the sidewalk to the mall or the schools … Continue reading

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Lorrie Steeves

When Gord Steeves launched his campaign to become Mayor of Winnipeg I doubt he realized his wife was running for a spot on Baked Canadians. Running for political office is difficult enough because high school and public office aren’t any different. … Continue reading

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Genuine Morons

See how I didn’t tell you who these genuine morons were up front?  I bet you’re really wondering now.  Or maybe you’re just killing time and don’t really care.  Shit who really cares about morons?  I mean morons are like … Continue reading

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If you don’t know who these guys are let me tell you about the BCTF aka the British Columbia Teachers Federation. The BCTF is perhaps one of the biggest thorns in the side of any BC government.  Hell these guys … Continue reading

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The Big Chiefs

Yes I’m taking a shot at First Nations leadership today.  Why not?  Last week we learned that Chief Ron Giesbrecht of the Kwikwetlem First Nation in my lovely British Columbia made almost $1 million last year and it was tax free. … Continue reading

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The Coalition for Gun Control

Are these people baked?  Yes.  Why would I ever say that?  Because they think that restrictive laws on lawful owners will protect us from criminals using guns.  I’ve read about the Coalition for Gun Control for years now.  Here’s an admission. … Continue reading

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