Welcome to Baked Canadians

What is a baked Canadian?  Well I’m deliberately drawing from the popular image of the pot head that’s baked.  I mean think about Cheech and Chong.  They were pretty baked.  Or Ashton Kutcher in Dude Where’s My Car.  He was pretty baked in that movie or when he and his fellow cast mates were on That 70s Show.  

People say stupid things in politics.  Honestly our elections are about sifting through heaps of crap to find the least objectionable asshole to lie to us every few years.  I’m pretty right wing so I do favour right wing parties.  But even they say stupid shit some times.

Every few days or so I’m going to comment on one of these Baked Canadians and explain to you why this dipstick is a moron.   As you can tell I use colourful language.  I thought about being formal in my language and academic but shit there’s a thousand other blogs doing that.

The most difficult part of this blog is determining which Baked Canadian I’ll cover at any given time.

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The Response to Clint Eastwood

“Secretly, everybody’s getting tired of political correctness, kissing up. That’s the kiss-ass generation we’re in right now. We’re really in a pussy generation. Everybody’s walking on eggshells. We see people accusing people of being racist and all kinds of stuff. When I grew up, those things weren’t called racist.” – Clint Eastwood (National Post)

Let me provide some insight here.  Clint Eastwood was asked about Donald Trump and he spoke that while he supports the Republican candidate he thinks Trump has said a lot of stupid stuff.  I’m not surprised.  Later he made the comment I’ve quoted above.  In particular he talked about walking on eggshells and that some things in the past weren’t considered racism but are today.

Now a lot of people simple reacted and reacted like fucking idiots.  Then again, most Canadians it seems are hypersensitive about Donald Trump and shut off their tiny brains when ever there is an article about him or referencing him.  Let me just say I hate Donald Trump.  He’s a terrible example of a human being.  He’s an opportunist, a liar, and a bully.  Actually he sounds like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton rolled into one body.

But back to Mr. Eastwood.  Clint Eastwood has railed against our modern politically correct culture because stuff people today call racism and hate was not called racism or seen as hateful in the past.  Namely on university campuses we have policies where students are told to use gender neutral pronouns.  Other campuses have freedom from free speech zones and safe spaces.  You may recall a video on Facebook a few days ago that was making the rounds about police officers giving away ice cream cones after stopping people.  Someone put up a comment to complain about how this is difficult for African Americans after one of the videos showed the cops getting a smile from an African American woman after she got her ice cream cone.  They said that the police were not being helpful.   Oh and let’s not forget the banning of the Yoga class at the University of Ottawa because the students felt it could be racist due to its cultural appropriation.  In simple terms we have people that are calling everything and anything hate speech and racism because they are, as Mr. Eastwood said, pussies.

Folks we in the west do walk on eggshells today.  It was best stated by Jerry Seinfeld when he declared he would no longer perform on university and college campuses because of how the students were acting – they would yell at him, attack him personally, and organize protests despite the fact his show did not use any form of racial humor.   He was accused of using micro-aggressions.

Mr. Eastwood pointed out that we live in a pussy society – with a pussy generation.  He’s right.  In 1945 young men were storming the beaches of Normandy to liberate Europe.  Today young men and women are seeking safe spaces when speaker says something that shocks them because it is traumatic.  Yes, we have a pussy generation that’s been so molly coddled that they have had to redefine racism to be the mere discussion of racial issues by those not of said race.  Think I’m wrong?  Take a look at Black Lives Matter.  You cannot talk about any of those issues cause if you do you’ll be labeled a racist on the spot.

But let’s look at some of the comments from the people attacking Mr. Eastwood.

clinteastwood-001 clinteastwood-002  clinteastwood-004 clinteastwood-005  clinteastwood-007 clinteastwood-008 clinteastwood-009 clinteastwood-010



















Folks look at those comments and spot the hypocrisy.  Mr. Eastwood is calling out political correctness gone awry.  Yet how do those on the political left challenge him?  Well they attack Clint Eastwood for his race, his age, and his gender.  It’s okay to the likes of Jocelyne Woodley and Alesa Sutherland to single out these facts.  Now if someone had attacked an actor for their race and gender what would have happened?

Well you need to look only as far as Twitter and the recent dust up over Ghost Busters.  People were banned.  Others were called racist for referring to Leslie Jone’s race and misogynist for talking about her gender.  I’m talking just the mild comments not the extreme ones.  Lots went a lot further and those were awful.  Yet here it’s OK in the minds of these people to single out a person for their race, age, and gender.

Why the double standard and why this level of hate from someone claiming to be university educated?  Hey University of Manitoba do you know your students say this stuff online?  That reflects on you.

I think the best comment though was the following:






Now I don’t know who “Marc Opie” is and I suspect the account might be fake or with a fake name.  But that comment right there tells us all how the left really things.  If you agree with Mr. Eastwood – if you think he’s got a point you must be a “cuntsevative.”

Though I think Mr. Opie should have spelled it “cuntservative” if that’s what he was after since you do need that “R” in there.  Then again, when have left wing elitists from Toronto been known for decent manners or intellect.  We are talking about some of the biggest, nastiest people online after all.  It is their way or the high way.

These assholes aren’t just baked.  Their tiny pea sized brains have been fried.

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Should the AR-15 be Reclassified?

Here’s some irony.  The debate in the US and in Canada are very different when it comes to the AR-15.  You see after the tragic events in Orlando, Florida on Sunday morning liberals in the US are demanding that the AR-15 be banned.  Yet here in Canada a petition, signed by 25,000+ Canadians asked that it be reclassified from “restricted” to “non-restricted.”  The petition was just presented in Parliament by Conservative MP Bob Zimmer.

Now full disclosure, I signed that e-Petition.  I signed it because Canadian fire arms owners have proven themselves for 20 years to be responsible citizens of the highest degree of abiding the law.

A lot of people, well mostly leftists in the House of Commons were aghast at this given the timing.  Well Mr. Zimmer put it through the system and he could not have known some ISIL supporting homophobic asshole was going to go and murder 50 people and injure 53 others.  People don’t schedule their acts of evil in advance to let everyone know.

Elizabeth May, the leader of the Green Party, gave the following statement:

“I think all Canadians are wondering why it’s legal anywhere to sell AR-15 weapons. It is horrific that such weapons exist,” Green Party Leader Elizabeth May told reporters Tuesday. “It was shocking to realize that he had presented that petition.”

Frankly her comment is ignorant.  She’s unaware of some basic facts.  First off, in Canada you have to go through a rigorous process to get even a non-restricted weapon.  Second, the AR-15 here is limited to 5 rounds and not 30 or more.  We don’t allow high capacity magazines.  Third, she mentioned the following:

“People who are legitimately hunting use a rifle, skill and aim. People don’t go into the woods, loaded with AR-15s, hoping to blow wildlife to bits. They’re hunting, they’re not murderously slaughtering.”

The caliber used in the AR-15 is found in other long guns.  As well, many long guns are also semi-automatic.  What does that mean?  The AR-15 is a look and feel for a firearm and you can add things to it like different scopes, sights, and of course the stock can be positioned.  But really, it isn’t any different in terms of what it can do compared to a regular semi-automatic long gun of similar or exact same caliber.

This is the problem with the hysteria that Ms. May like many other politicians possess.  They see a media report and think that what they see on the TV is the same everywhere.   They don’t educate themselves.  They don’t actually read what is in the law here.

Should the AR-15 be reclassified to non-restricted?  Yes.  Why?  Because the existing non-restricted firearms restrictions make it plenty safe.  Canadian firearms enthusiasts and hunters are the single most law abiding group of people in Canada.

This isn’t the USA.  This is Canada and its time uneducated MP’s like Ms. May respect people that have different opinions than she does.

Actually, we have facts to back our opinions.  She doesn’t.

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Can we become a one party state?

When people think about bad things they always mutter a little prayer right afterwards that cannot happen to me or that could never happen here.

That’s right.  That could never happen to me because when I have sex with my girlfriend without a condom and fail to pull out in time she won’t get pregnant and I most certainly won’t get a case of dick rot.  Yes people really do think that.  You don’t have to search far on Google to read cases of how stupid people can be with their sex lives.  People you see never think it, whatever it is can happen to them.  It only ever happens to other people.

But what about bad things happening here and to our entire country or just your community?  Well the people in Indonesia, Thailand, etc didn’t think a tsunami would ever strike them like the one in December 2004 but it did.  Hundreds of thousands of people perished during the event and afterwards.

Another example is the fiscal melt down in 2008.  People were leveraged far beyond their means.  Yet upon seeing this what did they do?  Well they continued to borrow.  I recall driving through Spokane, Washington one afternoon and realized that all around me were Hummer H2’s.  I mean on a three lane highway I had one in front, one behind, one to the left and one to the right.  The Hummer H2, at the time, was a sign of wealth.  People borrowed and bought them just like enormous houses.  When the crash came the banks and lending agencies took much of this wealth back.

But what about politics?

Most people never, ever think that a dictator will slowly rise to power in their country.  Why?  Because dictators always seize power.  That’s what Hollywood tells us.

Let me present three examples: Russia, Zimbabwe, and Venezuela.  Now just look at these three nations.

Vladimir Putin took over Russia succeeding Boris Yeltsin in 2000.  He was a nationalist and ex-KGB but the transition to democracy in Russia looked complete.  They held elections and while not perfect they were a vast improvement.  A free media operated and multiple parties were present in the Russian Duma.  He did his two terms and then became the Prime Minister.  During that time he amended the Constitution to allow himself to run for the Presidency again.  He did so and has been president ever since.  The free press is all but gone in Russia.  The west is vilified.  Democracy is allowed but it’s maligned as being, again, western.  Human rights have been rolled back to the point that the government prosecutes homosexuals that have been beaten because, well, in Russia being gay is seen as very bad.  Putin is the ruler of Russia.  His friends bask in wealth and his enemies have a habit of dying in accidents, going to jail on bogus charges, or being the victims of random street crime.

Robert Mugabe became the President of Zimbabwe decades ago leading a movement to create a racially equal society.  Well it soured quite fast and he’s been in power ever since.  Whites have mostly fled the country since he stole their land via government action.  Inflation is out of control as is poverty.  The government is pretty much based on cronyism and corruption and Mr. Mugabe is still in power despite the fact he’s going senile.

Finally you have Venezuela.  Hugo Chavez like Putin and Mugabe was elected to his post.  His goal was a socialist revolution via the ballot box.  He got that.  He nationalized industries, namely oil, gas, and banking.  After a while he started a war with the private media and before long, he wiped it out.  Fortunately Chavez bit the dust.  His successor Maduro is just as bad and just as deluded.  The socialist experiment continues with all the repression it can muster.

The people of Russia, Zimbabwe, and Venezuela didn’t have their dictators sweep into power via a revolution or war.  There was no coup.  Instead they elected them.  In the case of Russia they still wildly support their dictator.  They refuse to call him as such despite the fact he’s been running the country for just over 16 years.

So what does this have to do with Canada?  Well obviously I put the question to you.

Can we get a dictatorship in Canada?

If you say No then you haven’t been paying attention.  Bad reader!  Bad!

The answer is yes and we almost took a step last week.  A few weeks we had Justin Trudeau elbowing Ruth Ellen Brosseau in the tits.  His defenders called it an accident.  I’ll let you decide.  But this whole event erupted not over the Assisted Dying legislation but with Motion 6.  Motion 6 would have effectively stripped the Opposition of its powers and role in Parliament.  It’s been withdrawn for now.  But think about that.  If the Opposition cannot do its job then we’re starting down the path to dictatorship.

The Opposition is the only tool that we have that is guaranteed to tell us what the government is up to.  Under Motion 6 the Opposition Days in Parliament would have been greatly curtailed.  Their ability to ask questions would be radically reduced under universal time allocations.  Worse, the government could adjourn Parliament under the power of any Cabinet Minister without a vote.  Basically the Minister of Health could get up and assuming she’s got the agreement of the rest of the Cabinet shut the whole thing down, walk out the door, and effectively issue a fuck you to every voter in Canada.

Now that’s not a dictatorship though.

What else do they require?  Well they require the means to remain in office in perpetuity that doesn’t get them dragged into court by the functioning institutions of the state.  Now how could you do that?  Well the first past the post voting system makes it easy to elect and thus throw out a government.  Proportional voting makes it almost impossible to get a majority government.  What has Trudeau so far suggested?  Well that’s ranked balloting.  Basically when no one wins a riding with 50% of the vote you start allocating the second choices to the top candidates by some means.  We’ve already seen how this shakes out mathematically.  The NDP voters that are opposition votes effectively become Liberal supporters.

Now the Liberals could remain in power with super majorities for decades unless the NDP closes up shop or the Conservatives get a really good campaign to knock the Liberals out.

You’ve got two steps to dictatorship there: strip whatever power the Opposition has and ensure you win every election for the next few decades.  Okay, technically that’s an oligarchy.  I’m sure Liberal partisans won’t see a problem.  In my books, that’s a dictatorship that we allowed to occur.  In fact, a lot of people will embrace it because like Canucks fans they will root for their team regardless of what it does or fails to do year after year.

Now maybe you think I’m alarmist?  I’m not.  I’m just posing ideas for you to consider.  I’m telling you to never think no it cannot happen here.  Why?  Because in this world anything can and does happen all the time.  I never thought for a nanosecond a man like Donald Trump would be running for President in the United States let alone get the nomination.  I never thought I’d see gay marriage legalized not just in Canada but in dozens of countries.  I also thought I’d seen the end of the cold war and yet, look at Russia today.  Russian jets buzz US ships, their planes enter NATO airspace without permission, and their soldiers invade their neighbours annexing territory.

Here’s my advice.  We should choose to live in a world of hope and optimism.  We should also be vigilant and ready to act when people that seem good do very bad things.

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Justin Trudeau: Get the fuck out of my way!

Okay so we have only the word of Parliamentarians, not all of them, to know if he actually said that as he attempted to grab Gord Brown and bring him back to his seat to start a vote.  Depending on your point of view he either bumped into NDP MP Ruth Ellen Brosseau or elbowed her in the tits.  Well actually “chest” was the word the media used.

But I’m not going to talk about that.  Instead I want to show you some of the fucked up rationalizations from Liberal supporters posting on Facebook at the National Post.

trudeau-elbows-01Now you might remember Mr. Liggins was the one that post bombed Baked Canadians a while back.  At least an account with that name was used.  I blocked him and banned him from the page.  Yet he’s back.  This is a new account.   His view of course is that the Liberals can do no wrong and that it’s the NDP’s fault.  I posted one of his comments for you.

trudeau-elbows-02Now this is from a well known Liberal troll that’s had several accounts banned or blocked over the months at National Post.  Mr. Miller or whatever his name is automatically blames Conservatives for everything.  His post doesn’t actually make sense but there it is.  Apparently if you oppose the Liberals you will get what you deserve.  In this case, elbowed in the tits.


A lot of Liberal supporters cannot seem to understand that the Opposition has a job.  That is to oppose.  Mr. Gaetz seems to think that the Liberals can do no wrong and that this is all the Tories and NDP’s fault.  This is despite the fact that Mr. Trudeau is the one that got up, crossed the floor, and tried to grab the CPC Whip while elbowing Ms. Brosseau.

trudeau-elbows-04You have to wonder about this Mr. Ewins.  Fuddle duddle?  Really?

If you got up out of your chair and attempted to grab someone that was standing in a room and then elbowed a woman in the tits what do you think should happen to you?  Well if you’re a regular human being you’d get slapped if you were lucky and worse, you’d be charged with assault.

trudeau-elbows-05I think Ms. Bharucha’s post might have been one of the worst I’ve seen yet.  It’s the worst because it’s one of the stupidest.  First off, it blames the Opposition for doing their job.  Yes, the job of the Opposition is to oppose.  The NDP might be zealous in their approach to their job but that’s what they are supposed to do.  Second, and perhaps more awful is the citing of Newton’s Third Law.  It’s actually missing “in the opposite direction” but why quibble?  It’s a terrible comment to make because Ms. Bharucha is blaming the victim.

Think about it.  A woman is jogging on the street.  She’s wearing workout clothing that is tight fitting.  A man jumps out from the bushes and tries to grab her.  It is not her fault.  She didn’t provoke him.  A woman doesn’t have to explain to any one why she wore what she wore.

That folks is just like Ellen Ruth Brosseau.  She doesn’t have to explain why she was standing where she was standing.  She doesn’t have to apologize for standing up.  Trudeau hit her and yes elbowing someone is for all intents and purposes the act of hitting them.

Mr. Trudeau has his another scandal.  He’s apologized profusely and I suspect, with a lot of confidence he’ll survive this.  He’s the PM with a majority government.  Of course he’s got the votes to survive this.

For me though it is the quality of Liberal voters that I cast doubt upon.  People that rationalize this are as bad as those that used to say, “Well she was asking for it!”  Bullshit.  Women don’t ask for it and no man has the right to just do as he pleases because he’s the Prime Minister.

That so many Liberal supporters are blaming everyone but the Prime Minister says a lot.

Oh and yes, I took screen shots of dozens of other comments.  I could comment on all of them but let’s face it.  They only get worse.

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Earl’s Goes Halal

Vancouver chain restaurant Earl’s made the news this week by doing something no company would ever try: they proudly proclaimed they were buying American to the nation.

Now I wrote a post saying we should buy American when it’s the same product or service and its cheaper at an American company.  I stand by that.  If a package of socks is cheaper from a US website buy it there.   Don’t feel bad about saving some money.

So did Earl’s do something bad?  In this case yes.  Not legally bad.  Nothing like that.  Instead they pulled a fast one and really told a half truth to consumers.

Let me explain.

First let us start with Mo Jessa.  Seems like a nice guy and he’s the CEO of Earl’s.  Mo is short for Mohamed and yes he is a Muslim.  Well there’s nothing wrong with being a Muslim.  I’m serious.  If you’re asking why did I bring it up keep reading.  ( Source )

Second, the new supplier for Earl’s is Creekstone Farms.  ( Source )  Now the reason Creekstone was chosen was because they could meet the demand Earl’s stated they had for beef that was treated humanely and free from chemicals.  The campaign is that Earl’s is conscious sourcing which really is an excuse to out-source or off-shore.  Spin it as you like that’s what it is.

Well Creekstone is a company that uses Halal slaughter methods.  What is Halal?  Well Wikipedia has its entry and I suggest you read it.  Basically Halal in this context refers to any food product prepared according to Islamic Law.  Think Sharia.

Okay now put items #1 and #2 together and you start to get the big picture.  Was this about conscious sourcing as Earl’s claims or was it about finding meat that met Islamic standards?  I think it is the latter.  As Johnny Cochrane said at the OJ Simpson Trial with respect to evidence, if the glove does not fit, you must acquit.  In other words, if it is obvious then it’s true.

Now examine the phrase conscious sourcing.  The connotation is that the animals are treated humanely.  In this case Creekstone meets the criteria.  They are not fed any chemicals and they are treated humanely.  But really that’s most farms in Canada contrary to what PETA tells you in an under cover operation.  Contrary to what people think hormones and most chemicals are banned in Canada already.  Antibiotics are used therapeutically in Canada when animals are sick and when you think about that that’s commonsense.  Why allow a sick animal to remain sick and infect a herd?

However, the slaughter in Halal is nothing pretty.  Animals are brought to the slaughter flood, a prayer or two is said, and then the animal’s throat is slit.  It dies by bleeding out.  While the death doesn’t take a huge amount of time it does take a few minutes.  Most non-Halal slaughter houses use a device that’s basically a pneumatic gun.  It propels a metal slug or rod into an animal’s head effectively obliterating the brain.  Death is almost instantaneous.  The animal doesn’t die by bleeding out on a floor.

I won’t tell you that commercial farms are great places.  They are not.  I think a lot of reform is needed to protect animals that are to be processed into food.  That said, don’t god damn tell me that Halal is conscious sourcing.  That’s bullshit.

Frankly it really feels that Earl’s wanted Halal meet to satisfy the Islamic community.  They still sell pork products and that does make me grin.  Pork is forbidden in Islam.  Yet this looks like another Canadian company that threw Canadian values aside in an effort to appease Muslims.  That they dressed this up as conscious sourcing makes me feel like I’ve been lied to.

Kicking Alberta to the curb was just cheap and trashy conduct by Earl’s and the management should be ashamed.

I won’t tell you to boycott Earl’s here.  I’ll let you decide for yourself.  As there is no Earl’s where I live the subject is moot to me.   If there was an Earl’s here though – I’d head to McDonald’s instead.

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Why did you lie Mr. Trudeau?

Last November, as you may recall, Justin Trudeau and Finance Minister Bill Morneau stated that the Conservatives left a deficit of $5.4 billion.  Canada, they proclaimed, was in the red thanks to the former Conservative government.  The nasty comments about Conservatives being bad fiscal managers were howled by Liberal supporters far and wide.

But then, quietly in late November 2015 the Fiscal Monitor reported that Canada was still in the black with a small surplus.  The Liberals insisted that the year end would be $5.4 billion of deficit though.

Today CBC.ca reported via the Fiscal Monitor that Canada was on track for a $7.5 billion surplus.  You can read the story here: http://www.cbc.ca/news/business/ottawa-federal-surplus-deficit-1.3559175.  Now to suggest that there’s rounding error or that conditions have changed substantially is ludicrous.  The trend from November onward was there.  The country’s finances are healthy and ample.

What does this tell us?  Well it tells us that Justin Trudeau and Finance Minister Bill Morneau, who have first hand knowledge of the finances like the rest of the Federal Cabinet knew in advance how the country was doing.  They knew this when they tabled their budget with its $29.4 billion deficit.

But wait a minute.  Is it really going to be a $29.4 billion deficit now?  Well that was based on starting from a $5.4 billion deficit.  If we reverse the $5.4 billion deficit into a $7.5 billion surplus then the 2016/17 deficit will only be $16.5 billion.

Smells like Jean Chretien and Paul Martin?  Yes it does.  As you may recall those two always inflated expenses and understated revenues to beat their budget targets and we all sucked it up.  Well most people did.  There’s another word for this: lying.  They lied to Canadians and Canadians were happy that things looked good so they celebrated the lie and the liars.

Justin Trudeau and Bill Morneau lied to us.

Then again, when have Liberals ever been honest?

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Buy American!

Now how is that for an inflammatory headline?  I’m sure it will make some people angry – and it should.

Why would a loyal, patriotic Canadian like me say “Buy American!”

Well this article has been kicking around in my mind for years.  I’ve wondered if I should actually write this.  Obviously after a lot of pondering I have.

Here in Canada we get screwed by our retailers and service providers.  Now I’ll admit that some of them offer genuinely good deals.  Lots of them, perhaps even most – I haven’t surveyed them all – do not.

Think about your cable TV package.  You sign up at Shaw or Rogers or Bell and you are given tiers or smaller packages of channels.  Say you want A&E and AMC but to get them you have to purchase a couple of packages at $10 each a month.  Now you’re spending $20 a month for 2 channels.  What the fuck?  The Federal Government mandated some choice for us wee citizens and new skinny packages were announced.  I really wanted a la carte but that never happened.  I checked out these packages and it was mostly just a bunch of CTV channels, CBC, and a couple other pieces of crap for $30 or so.  Basically you got 5 distinct channels or so.

Was it just my cable provider?  No.  I finished my phone contract last fall.   I paid $45 a month for 400 minutes and 400 MB of data.  At the time it seemed like an OK deal by Canadian standards.  Yet in the United States people are offered heavy competition with $37 a month for unlimited data.  Say it with me – what the fuck?!  You, me, and every other Canadian is getting ripped off by our wireless carriers.  They are sucking us dry like leeches.

A few months ago I read an article on using coupons for getting major discounts in stores.  It was an American article but I figured why not see what Canadian retailers have to offer.  I spent 3 weeks tracking down coupons and figuring this out.  Let me tell you this.  Where Americans can actually get money back from stores for using coupons we can, at best, knock just a few dollars off mostly obscure products.  In fact, we are offered very few coupons and most really are garbage.

Oh I’m not done yet.

A couple of years ago I needed to buy underwear.  I went to The Bay and grabbed a box of Calvin Klein’s.  I like them because they are comfortable and well made.  The box’s price was $32 and change.  That was a little much for me.  I mean, its good underwear and what I wanted but $32?!  Again, what the fuck?  I went online and found American companies that sold the same underwear with Canadian pricing for $22 and if you bought over $50 of goods they gave you free shipping.  Something else.  The Bay did not accept returns on underwear – all sales were final.  The US companies did accept returns and provided you with a postage paid envelop to send stuff back.

However, the last example is probably the most outright evil.  Yes, I said evil.  A month ago a popular grocer had a 2 for 1 special on several in-store items.  Now I love bacon on my weekend mornings and they had bacon with a 2 for 1 or buy one, get one free sale.  Hurrah!  I stopped in on my weekly shopping knowing that this bacon, the last time I bought it was $4.79 for a 375g package.  When I got there it was $7.99.  I actually said what the fuck?!  People heard me.  A few heads turned and I noticed that no one was giving me a scowl.  Instead they had likely all come here for the bacon too and had the same reaction.  I just happened vocalized it.

If you have ever shopped in the US for groceries or just food you know that food down there is dirt cheap.  They aren’t fucking you like our retailers fuck us.  Hey, think I’m pulling your leg?  Just compare the price of gasoline.  Even with the dollar difference most things are still better priced in the US.

My advice is that when possible you should buy American and tell your retailers and service providers, wherever possible, the reason.  Hey The Bay I am buying clothes online from the US because even with the dollar difference they are way cheaper.  Sorry Chapters but Amazon.ca has books way cheaper than you – its the same god damn book assholes and yet you make me pay $14 more for it!  Maybe if we all did this our retailers and service providers would start to respect our power as consumers and say – shit, the gravy train just pulled out of the station and it aint coming back.

My dear retailers you run buy local campaigns and you appeal to patriotism and make people feel guilty for buying American and cross border shopping.  Just because I am a Canadian doesn’t mean you have a license to rip me off.  If anything Canadian retailers and service providers should be stepping up to ensure that they are being competitive with American retailers and service providers.

On a side note I work for a small company and we sell mostly to Americans.  I’m proud of where I work and I chose to work where I am because we’re one of the good ones.  We offer a service that is priced to American standards!  We compete.  We’re the example other Canadian firms should be looking at.

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Manitoba Child and Family Services: Yes they are idiots

Okay so you might have heard the story of Jacqui Kendrick in Winnipeg, Manitoba receiving a visit from Child and Family Services.  You’ve probably already heard the story.   But I’ll summarize it for you.  She is a stay-at-home mother with three children aged 2, 5, and 10.  She has a fenced in secure yard for them to play in.  She is out there supervising them or she watches them from the window when indoors.  Manitoba CFS showed up for a “well-being check”, and quoting CTV News, after a complaint about unsupervised children in her yard.  Well they raked her over the coals checking where the kids slept, ate, was there enough food, etc.  Ms. Kendrick was actually in tears by the time the interrogation was over

Naturally nothing was found to be bad or wrong.  The 10 year old keeps an eye out for the other kids along with her.  The yard is safe as well.  More to the point, she lives in the city near emergency services unlike a rural home that’s far from such things.

You’d think this was an open and shut case but it really isn’t.  First off, CFS won’t close the file.  That means this poor mother is on the angry bureaucrats radar now and since the media reported the story extensively I suspect the angry bureaucrats are just itching for an excuse to prove they were right to investigate in the first place.  Let’s face it folks, when you’re talking social services you are talking people that think you’re an incompetent asshole and that government bureaucrats know best.

Recall that when Stephen Harper proposed giving parents money Liberal insider Scott Reid, then Paul Martin’s Director of Communications said, “Don’t give people 25 bucks a week to blow on beer and popcorn.”  That was the ultimate expression of the social services mentality.

What Scott Reid was really saying was that government knows best.

Manitoba CFS followed their playbook or policies and clearly went in with that attitude as well.  As reported by every outlet, the poor woman was left in tears and now fears CFS coming back.

But there is another culprit here aside from the government thugs.  Yes.  Someone in her neighbourhood called CFS on her.  Some anonymous person decided that they knew better than she did how to raise her children.  In particular, how they should play in their own enclosed, secure, and safe backyard.  As I write these words I hope you realize how ridiculous this all sounds.

Now if you don’t please continue reading.

I, like millions of Canadians, grew up on a farm for the first decade of my life.  Let me tell you this.  A farm is way more dangerous than an enclosed backyard.  You have ponds, forest, gravel roads, animals both domesticated and wild, as well as equipment galore.  The opportunities to get yourself, as a child, killed are plethora.  I mean take a wrong step and you’re literally at death’s door.  Is that hyperbole?  No.  It is not.  Farms are loaded with dangerous shit and I haven’t even gotten to all the chemicals in the form of fuels, pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers.

Yet despite all of that farm accidents involving children are remarkably far and few between.  Yes some cocksucker will comment with a link to an example of an accident frantically shouting there! See that one?!  Yes and I can tell you that living in a city involves a lot of nasty shit too including pedophiles, speeding cars, trucks, drug dealers on streets, kidnappings, and every other sort of crime you can imagine.  I don’t recall any of this as a kid on our farm.  Hell a speeding car was easy to spot from a mile away since you know, farm roads are mostly deserted.  Duh.

However, the anonymous caller to CFS in this case decided that three children with a stay at home mother in a fenced in backyard was not safe or properly supervised.  Are you fucking kidding me?  I mean it.  That’s probably the safest place for those kids to be considering its Winnipeg – not a city known for its extraordinarily low crime rate.  Okay it isn’t Surrey, BC but it’s not super safe either.  Not by a long shot.

In my mind the assholes that called CFS had another option: go knock on your neighbour’s door and just say Hello.  Is it that difficult to get off your piece of shit computer, turn off the television, put the iPhone down, and get to know your neighbours?  Is that just impossible today?

Fuck me.  Apparently it is.  Instead these know-it-all assholes are calling the government on their neighbours now.  Frankly, in cases like this here is what should happen: the asshole that called the government should be named to the person he / she informed on should it be a frivolous call.  Give Ms. Kendrick the opportunity to have a chat with the piece of shit that gave her so much trouble.  Just leave the baseball bat at home.

This time the baked Canadian wasn’t the person named in my post but rather all those unnamed people that make the lives of good people a living Hell.

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Is the Defense Minister Baked?

If we use the different formulas of various other countries, we can crunch the numbers and we can move it up to 1.3 (per cent of GDP), 1.4, potentially even 1.5. – Defense Minister Harjit Sajjan

That’s what our Defense Minister said when responding to comments by Republicans in the USA including Donald Trump that Canada and other nations have been defense and NATO free loaders for years.  A few years back NATO countries signed a declaration and pledge to spend 2% of GDP on defense.  The idea was pushed by the USA since it has been the USA for generations that carries NATO and frankly they’re tired of it.

Can you blame them?  Here in Canada we don’t take our defense seriously.  Nope.  We rely on the USA to do the heavy lifting and because their stick is so big no one messes with us.   Honestly we’re like a small dog standing between its owners legs barking at a much larger dog.  Everyone feels tough and safe and secure to say whatever they want when they have a really powerful friend watching their back.

Now since that pledge Canada’s military and defense spending has fallen to about 1%.  We didn’t even try to keep our promises.   Yes, that was Mr. Harper’s fault.  However, the Liberals are now in charge and by deferring defense spending and freezing other budgets we’re lower than where Mr. Harper had us.

Canada and Canadians are free loaders with the USA calling the shots.

This is a fucking national disgrace.   Seriously.  How do we as Canadians hold our heads with pride when we don’t defend our sovereignty?  Worse, how do we look ourselves in the mirror when our leaders speak on the international stage about fighting the good fight when our military is literally falling apart?

That’s bad and we are a shamed nation for it.

But the Defense Minister actually made this worse by his dip shit statement that if we change our calculation method we could be as high as 1.3% right up to 1.5%.  What?  Is this guy fucking baked?  I mean is he god damn serious?

How do you get up one morning and answer a question about military spending knowing you haven’t done your job for decades only to answer that if you changed the accounting rules you’re still failing but by not as much.

Do these assholes think pretending we aren’t failing as badly as we are makes a difference on the battle field?  Do they actually think that playing accounting tricks puts bullets in the rifles of our soldiers and replaces our outdated fighter aircraft?  Does any of this replace and expand out tattered navy?

Holy shit.  I mean holy shit.  Our Defense Minister was a front line soldier in Afghanistan and yet he’s sold us out to the party play book like a stooge.  If I were the Defense Minister and I was told this is the talking point – well I’d quit and cross the floor in Parliament and sit as an independent.   How does this guy get up in the morning and look at himself in the mirror uttering bullshit lines like that?

I’m flabbergasted!  Was he smoking up with the Prime Minister when they cooked shit this up?

Here’s the worst part.  The media and Canadians in general don’t seem to care.  Let me contrast that with our grand parents who fought not one but two world wars and Korea.  Those people knew how to get the job done and do the right thing.  They accepted rationing at home for the war effort.  They didn’t shy from doing the right thing.  Yes they had arguments and fought one another in public with verbal brawls, and a few fisticuffs but in the end they did their duty to the world and Canada.

They built this nation by making sacrifices.  People like our Defense Minister are just riding on the coat tails of what our forefathers did.

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Tom Mulcair: Should he stay or should he go?

The Clash has a song, well had I guess, Should I stay or should I go?  You have to be wondering if that will be the theme song for the NDP’s upcoming convention where they are going to be talking about Tom Mulcair.  Expected to be certain and likely quite frenetic.  The man is divisive but mildly so unlike Stephen Harper to say the least, and unlike Stephen Harper he failed to deliver big time when it counted.

Let’s rewind history just a bit back to the NDP’s glory days of May 2011.  The NDP didn’t win that election and really they never had a chance too.  But they did something incredible.  On Jack Layton’s charm and tact and class they unseated the Liberals from their Official Opposition status.   It was the crash heard from coast to coast to coast.  Michael Ignatieff called it quits and the party was left with 34 elected MP’s.  Dark days for sure for the Liberals but for the NDP it was the dawn of a new age.  The NDP stopped seeing itself as a protest party and instead saw itself as a governing party.  They could win.

Then Jack Layton got ill, his cancer was out of control, and he died.  His charm and wit and signature smile – the smile that led the party was gone.

During the leadership contest it was clear Tom Mulcair, the party’s official and unofficial #2 man, was going to win and win he did.  It wasn’t really much of a fight.  He won.

Tom Mulcair changed the tone of the party from protest to governing.  But that wasn’t all.  He removed or perhaps killed the sense of fun that Jack Layton strove to bring to the party.  The party was utterly serious and bland.  Some days you couldn’t tell the NDP from the Conservatives.  It was like seeing the old guy from Pixar’s Up arguing with himself as Mulcair and Harper went at it.

When the election was called in 2015 it was assumed to be a fight between the NDP and the Conservatives.  That’s how it started but the NDP had come off of a massive and unprecedented win in Alberta unseating the Progressive Conservatives there.  Folks, the NDP took Alberta’s government and thus Alberta which has always been the Mecca of the Canadian right wing.  Gasp!

Then it all started to go south.  You see Tom Mulcair campaigned from the middle but more importantly he campaigned on a simple message: ABC or Anybody But Conservatives.  In doing so he gave a social license to all those people that didn’t like Stephen Harper’s Conservatives to vote to oust the Conservatives and not necessarily elect the NDP.  That was dumb.

Why was it dumb?  Well think about two things: election campaigns and the purpose of political parties.

First off, what is the purpose of a political party?  Well it is to advance a set of ideas, its platform, by which individuals that share those ideas band together to win power and thus enact those ideas into law.  They use the power of a collective or partnership to gain public support through branding, large scale fund raising, and name recognition.  Next, what’s the purpose of an election campaign?  Well that’s where the parties stand front and centre to seek public office on their platforms stating they are the party whose members you should elect.

Now you can see how Mr. Mulcair made his mistake.  He abandoned those principles.  He campaigned oust Mr. Harper but not elect himself and that’s what the voters did.  They ousted Mr. Harper and voted for Mr. Trudeau.  Mr. Mulcair as you may recall pushed the ABC or Anybody But Conservatives at every speech.

So should he go or should he stay?  That’s the question.  Mr. Martin quit when he lost the 2006 election.  Mr. Dion quit when he lost the 2008 election.  Mr. Ignatieff quit when he lost the 2011 election.  Mr. Harper quit when he lost the 2015 election.   Mr. Mulcair though seems to want to stick around.   After all, party leaders get a few perks.  Is Mr. Mulcair really in it for the perks though?  I’ve always felt that New Democrats were more ideological and passionate about their beliefs.  The cynicism seems out of place.

You might have detected that this post has been written with less flair and no f-bombs.  Well I just couldn’t get as emotional about Mr. Mulcair because he’s not a guy you can get passionate about – politically speaking.

Maybe that’s the best reason for the NDP to toss him out.  He’s not a leader that motivates.

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