Is the Defense Minister Baked?

If we use the different formulas of various other countries, we can crunch the numbers and we can move it up to 1.3 (per cent of GDP), 1.4, potentially even 1.5. – Defense Minister Harjit Sajjan

That’s what our Defense Minister said when responding to comments by Republicans in the USA including Donald Trump that Canada and other nations have been defense and NATO free loaders for years.  A few years back NATO countries signed a declaration and pledge to spend 2% of GDP on defense.  The idea was pushed by the USA since it has been the USA for generations that carries NATO and frankly they’re tired of it.

Can you blame them?  Here in Canada we don’t take our defense seriously.  Nope.  We rely on the USA to do the heavy lifting and because their stick is so big no one messes with us.   Honestly we’re like a small dog standing between its owners legs barking at a much larger dog.  Everyone feels tough and safe and secure to say whatever they want when they have a really powerful friend watching their back.

Now since that pledge Canada’s military and defense spending has fallen to about 1%.  We didn’t even try to keep our promises.   Yes, that was Mr. Harper’s fault.  However, the Liberals are now in charge and by deferring defense spending and freezing other budgets we’re lower than where Mr. Harper had us.

Canada and Canadians are free loaders with the USA calling the shots.

This is a fucking national disgrace.   Seriously.  How do we as Canadians hold our heads with pride when we don’t defend our sovereignty?  Worse, how do we look ourselves in the mirror when our leaders speak on the international stage about fighting the good fight when our military is literally falling apart?

That’s bad and we are a shamed nation for it.

But the Defense Minister actually made this worse by his dip shit statement that if we change our calculation method we could be as high as 1.3% right up to 1.5%.  What?  Is this guy fucking baked?  I mean is he god damn serious?

How do you get up one morning and answer a question about military spending knowing you haven’t done your job for decades only to answer that if you changed the accounting rules you’re still failing but by not as much.

Do these assholes think pretending we aren’t failing as badly as we are makes a difference on the battle field?  Do they actually think that playing accounting tricks puts bullets in the rifles of our soldiers and replaces our outdated fighter aircraft?  Does any of this replace and expand out tattered navy?

Holy shit.  I mean holy shit.  Our Defense Minister was a front line soldier in Afghanistan and yet he’s sold us out to the party play book like a stooge.  If I were the Defense Minister and I was told this is the talking point – well I’d quit and cross the floor in Parliament and sit as an independent.   How does this guy get up in the morning and look at himself in the mirror uttering bullshit lines like that?

I’m flabbergasted!  Was he smoking up with the Prime Minister when they cooked shit this up?

Here’s the worst part.  The media and Canadians in general don’t seem to care.  Let me contrast that with our grand parents who fought not one but two world wars and Korea.  Those people knew how to get the job done and do the right thing.  They accepted rationing at home for the war effort.  They didn’t shy from doing the right thing.  Yes they had arguments and fought one another in public with verbal brawls, and a few fisticuffs but in the end they did their duty to the world and Canada.

They built this nation by making sacrifices.  People like our Defense Minister are just riding on the coat tails of what our forefathers did.

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