Manitoba Child and Family Services: Yes they are idiots

Okay so you might have heard the story of Jacqui Kendrick in Winnipeg, Manitoba receiving a visit from Child and Family Services.  You’ve probably already heard the story.   But I’ll summarize it for you.  She is a stay-at-home mother with three children aged 2, 5, and 10.  She has a fenced in secure yard for them to play in.  She is out there supervising them or she watches them from the window when indoors.  Manitoba CFS showed up for a “well-being check”, and quoting CTV News, after a complaint about unsupervised children in her yard.  Well they raked her over the coals checking where the kids slept, ate, was there enough food, etc.  Ms. Kendrick was actually in tears by the time the interrogation was over

Naturally nothing was found to be bad or wrong.  The 10 year old keeps an eye out for the other kids along with her.  The yard is safe as well.  More to the point, she lives in the city near emergency services unlike a rural home that’s far from such things.

You’d think this was an open and shut case but it really isn’t.  First off, CFS won’t close the file.  That means this poor mother is on the angry bureaucrats radar now and since the media reported the story extensively I suspect the angry bureaucrats are just itching for an excuse to prove they were right to investigate in the first place.  Let’s face it folks, when you’re talking social services you are talking people that think you’re an incompetent asshole and that government bureaucrats know best.

Recall that when Stephen Harper proposed giving parents money Liberal insider Scott Reid, then Paul Martin’s Director of Communications said, “Don’t give people 25 bucks a week to blow on beer and popcorn.”  That was the ultimate expression of the social services mentality.

What Scott Reid was really saying was that government knows best.

Manitoba CFS followed their playbook or policies and clearly went in with that attitude as well.  As reported by every outlet, the poor woman was left in tears and now fears CFS coming back.

But there is another culprit here aside from the government thugs.  Yes.  Someone in her neighbourhood called CFS on her.  Some anonymous person decided that they knew better than she did how to raise her children.  In particular, how they should play in their own enclosed, secure, and safe backyard.  As I write these words I hope you realize how ridiculous this all sounds.

Now if you don’t please continue reading.

I, like millions of Canadians, grew up on a farm for the first decade of my life.  Let me tell you this.  A farm is way more dangerous than an enclosed backyard.  You have ponds, forest, gravel roads, animals both domesticated and wild, as well as equipment galore.  The opportunities to get yourself, as a child, killed are plethora.  I mean take a wrong step and you’re literally at death’s door.  Is that hyperbole?  No.  It is not.  Farms are loaded with dangerous shit and I haven’t even gotten to all the chemicals in the form of fuels, pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers.

Yet despite all of that farm accidents involving children are remarkably far and few between.  Yes some cocksucker will comment with a link to an example of an accident frantically shouting there! See that one?!  Yes and I can tell you that living in a city involves a lot of nasty shit too including pedophiles, speeding cars, trucks, drug dealers on streets, kidnappings, and every other sort of crime you can imagine.  I don’t recall any of this as a kid on our farm.  Hell a speeding car was easy to spot from a mile away since you know, farm roads are mostly deserted.  Duh.

However, the anonymous caller to CFS in this case decided that three children with a stay at home mother in a fenced in backyard was not safe or properly supervised.  Are you fucking kidding me?  I mean it.  That’s probably the safest place for those kids to be considering its Winnipeg – not a city known for its extraordinarily low crime rate.  Okay it isn’t Surrey, BC but it’s not super safe either.  Not by a long shot.

In my mind the assholes that called CFS had another option: go knock on your neighbour’s door and just say Hello.  Is it that difficult to get off your piece of shit computer, turn off the television, put the iPhone down, and get to know your neighbours?  Is that just impossible today?

Fuck me.  Apparently it is.  Instead these know-it-all assholes are calling the government on their neighbours now.  Frankly, in cases like this here is what should happen: the asshole that called the government should be named to the person he / she informed on should it be a frivolous call.  Give Ms. Kendrick the opportunity to have a chat with the piece of shit that gave her so much trouble.  Just leave the baseball bat at home.

This time the baked Canadian wasn’t the person named in my post but rather all those unnamed people that make the lives of good people a living Hell.

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