Leftists Anonymous: Except when caught lying

I saw a comment the other day at the National Post by a user with the name Dave Warren.  Here’s the comment and my initial rebuttal.


Now there’s the initial exchange.  It’s a typical Liberal supporter or maybe just someone that really hated Harper being a really poor winner.  That’s online commenting though.  The maturity level is pretty piss poor and this fucker is a great example.

Now my comment was pretty much a good rebuttal.  I don’t feel I’m insulting – especially by the standards of online commenting.  Heck, I’m actually really mild.

DaveWarren-02Mr. Warren came back with this.  I’m no fan of Mr. Trudeau and his deficit is a bad idea given its costs when we don’t need them but I’ve never said he’s ruined the economy.  In fact, the January GDP numbers suggest that the economy is doing quite well as it stands.

Now the rest of the exchange.


I called Mr. Warren out.  He gave a quote which wasn’t applicable as if that would do it.  I mean if you’re a thinking human being with a reasonable education you’d know that quote wasn’t going to cut it.

Is the guy stupid?  Is he lazy?

Well my reply back repeated that he’d been caught lying and he really had those two choices. Admit you were lying or even “in error” and apologize.  I actually gave the guy an out here.

Well he then claimed he spent 10 minutes reviewing my Facebook page but posting that comment 3 minutes later in reply to my reply.  Yup, we’ve got a genuine baked Canadian.  He spent 10 minutes reviewing?  Really?  He’s not the sharpest tool in the shed.  He’s got the heat on high but nothing in the oven.  His elevator doesn’t reach the top floor.  Need I go on?

So why post this?  Cause this is one of the things Baked Canadians is all about.  Catching idiots saying or doing stupid shit and then watching them try to back out using the stupidest possible method.

When you make a mistake in life or you say something you cannot back up in online commenting all you have to do is apologize.  I’ve done it a few times.  I’ve made a statement that I knew to be true but I could not find a source.  I had to retract it online and then apologize.  You want to know something?  Even your worst online enemies respect that.  People respect you when you take personal responsibility for your mistakes.

Perhaps this is the greatest flaw shared by almost all celebrities and politicians too.  They do stupid shit or say stupid shit and then they try to weasel out.  Why not just take the hit on the chin by admitting you were wrong?

For the record, and I’ve made this in posts here, I want Mr. Trudeau to succeed.  Why?  Cause like I’ve always said when the government does a good job the entire country benefits.  I don’t wish bad fortune on a government because that means I will suffer in the end as well.  I’d love for Mr. Trudeau to be wildly successful with his policies.  I’m doubtful he will be but I want him to succeed just like I wanted Mr. Harper to succeed.

Partisans like Mr. Warren put the needs of the party ahead of the country.  That’s why they suck.

Well after some back and forth Mr. Warren finally said this in response to me stating I’d do a blog post on the exchange.

DaveWarren-04The problem with partisans, I believe, is that they are so deluded in their party support that they don’t realize that there’s a gulf of difference between being clever and failing miserably at it.  His comment there was just dumb.  It wasn’t even funny or clever.  Queen’s University?  Really?

This fucker is baked.

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Jian Ghomeshi: Let’s talk…

Is there anyone out there that doesn’t have an opinion on Jian Ghomeshi and not just the court case but the entire controversy?  I doubt it.  The details are shocking, some ( not me! ) would say erotic, violent, disgusting, … well the list of adjectives and adverbs applied to this man is long.  Few are redeeming of his character and most would damn him to Hell.

I’m not fan of Mr. Ghomeshi.  I personally think the man is disgusting.  I mean beating someone up during sex suggests a level of depravity and disrespect of your fellow human being that crosses the line for me.  Yes I know some people like this and that their partners do too.  Pardon me folks but I don’t have to accept that.  I don’t have to accept that violence is normal or acceptable.

What I accept even less is the ridiculous show trial of Mr. Ghomeshi.  First off, there was no physical evidence.  None.  Second, there was no circumstantial evidence.  Zilch.  Third, you had three complainants that were all over the place and worse, they kept going back to the man.  Huh?  Yeah, it was so horrible what he did that three grown women – intelligent and successful – went back for more.  Finally, this all comes up almost 12 years after the fact.

Why did the Crown seek to prosecute Mr. Ghomeshi?  It wasn’t because they had a strong case.  They had no case.  Was it to send a message?  I’m not sure what the message they intended was or could have been other than we’re idiots and love to blow taxpayer money.

Here is my belief.  The Crown pressed this case and fought it because political correctness is so pervasive today that like cancer it has spread to the most educated and capable of us.  It has even spread to those whose careers is to investigate and seek the truth.  What do I mean?  Well the police and Crown attorneys are educated people.  They know when evidence is and is not sufficient to proceed with a prosecution.  That was plainly not the case here.  Instead of thinking logically they fell into a trap of believing these women because so many people believe that victims never exaggerate or lie, withhold information, or show bad judgement after the fact.

In the Ghomeshi case the victims, alleged victims, showed the latter two in spades.   They withheld details from the police that were embarrassing.  They continued to have physical relations with Mr. Ghomeshi.  Two were apparently found to have exchanged 5,000 emails and messages about the case.

The Crown proceeded because they were blinded by beliefs pushed by, at first, feminists, and then by society at large that we must always accept what female victims tell us without question.  However, victims, despite being treated with compassion and respect, must also be treated with an emotional distance geared to ensure that the truth is found.  Ignoring the facts and common sense and choosing not to see the flaws in these victims or any other victims would lead to us and our courts to put innocent people in jail thus creating a whole new class of victim and potentially criminal.

The Crown prosecutors that pushed this case deserve to be fired.  Not laid off or shuffled to some other position but fired outright to send a message that we demand competence in those that serve as prosecutors.

Now is Ghomeshi guilty in that case?  We’ll never know because a true statement of the facts has never been made by the victims – assuming they are victims.  As I told some friends kink, sadism, bondage, and those fetishes are not unknown to this society.  People practice this stuff.  In that regard Mr. Ghomeshi isn’t breaking any laws and if his partners are willing then there is nor ever was a case here.  He’s offended our collective moral sensibilities but guess what?  That’s not a crime.

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Justin Trudeau’s $29.4 Billion Deficit

Well we knew there was going to be a deficit.  Some said it would be around $15 billion.  Back in December I chatted online at the National Post and started doing the math.  I low balled it at $22 billion but like the rest of those chatting I didn’t have the complete picture.  TD Bank then came out with a report saying the Liberals would run a $30 billion deficit with a total debt accumulation of $150 billion over five years.  That raised some eyebrows to say the least.

I wrote about this last week and I’ve waited almost a week to think about my response now that the budget has been unveiled and we’ve all had more time to soak it in.  Folks, the question remains for each and everyone of us to consider and that is: do we need a large federal government deficit in Ottawa to stimulate the economy?  Last week I said no.  I’m going to say the same thing again this week.

But let’s get away from the do-we-need-stimulus-or-not argument and instead look back at the double standard.   I’ve written about this part too but I think it is more important.  In 2008/09 the world, not just Canada, but the entire world, faced a potential disintegration of the economy.  Governments moved at an alarming speed back then to implement a variety of stimulus measures.  There were deep deficits too – naturally.  Stephen Harper was confronted by a coalition of the Liberals, NDP, and Bloc Quebecois to oust him from power if he too didn’t take action.

We all remember Mr. Harper proroguing Parliament and ducking out of town for about 6 weeks as he came up with a response while the Liberals mounted a coup internally and deposed Stephan Dion as leader and installed Michael Ignatieff as the new leader.  There wasn’t even a vote by the membership.  Needless to say the coalition fell apart when Mr. Harper presented a budget that met Liberal demands and they supported it.

In fact, the Liberals voted YES on 77 of 78 budget implementation bills.  Michael Ignatieff then voted NO on the last one, the well liked Home Renovation Tax Credit or HRTC only to see Mr. Harper when Mr. Layton voted YES on bill #78.

We all remember what happened next.  The Conservatives won a majority in 2011 and then spent 4 years pushing the country into a balanced budget situation.  As of November 2015 Canada’s books were still in the black.  Mr. Harper kept his word.

Yet the whole time this happened Liberals vehemently attacked Mr. Harper for spending too much and blowing the country’s finances.  They ignored the fact that it was their party that forced the deficit spending – I call those people fucking liars.  How the public ever ignore their outright lies is beyond me.

Now Mr. Trudeau has come to power and is spending like a drunken sailor and the Liberals and their supporters are saying he’s doing the responsible thing.  This is despite the fact that not only is the economy growing but in January it roared back to life at 0.6% growth.  On an annualized basis that 7.2% and that’s not likely to be sustained but it also says we’re no where near a recession.  That’s also the 4th straight month of positive growth excluding months where growth was 0%.

Not only do we not need stimulus but we have an example of Liberals coming to power and blowing up the country’s finances.  Yes, Pierre Elliot Trudeau did this and now his son has repeated his father’s dreadful legacy.

Did people vote for Mr. Trudeau because they actually agreed with his Fantasy Island budget plan or were they just angry at Mr. Harper because he made them live in the real world?

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Trudeau says we aren’t at war with ISIL!

I’ve never smoked pot but after reading about what Foreign Affairs Minister Stephan Dion said along with Justin Trudeau I have to think pot  has got to be fucking awesome cause these two must be as high as fucking kites.

Mr. Dion rationalized this by playing a game of semantics.  He said that it came down to international law and that war was where you had two sides with armies in conflict and that they respect the rules.   That’s got to be some primo bud Mr. Dion is partaking of.  People respect rules during war?  Really?  I guess we never have war crimes then Mr. Dion.  But if that’s the case then why did the International Court convict Radovan Karadzic of war crimes?

Now I’m just a lowly blogger here but if I’ve got a better understanding of reality than our Minister of Foreign Affairs than something is wrong in Ottawa.  Hence why I think the man must be high.  It’s the only explanation because I refuse to believe Mr. Dion is actually stupid.  You just can’t get that far in life and be a moron.  Morons always end up falling flat on their faces in the middle of the race and even the best moron never gets the 1st Place ribbon in life.

This is just a short post by the way.  I just can’t stretch this one out for quantity.  Then again, there’s no point.

I’ll just add this.  Are we are war with ISIS?  Yes.  We are at war but it’s bigger than ISIS.  This isn’t a cold war or a phony war or any other kind of conflict.  We are at war with ISIS with one caveat.  They are the only ones really fighting with the intention of winning.  No this  isn’t just Iraq and Syria.  This is world wide and ISIS is just the latest label.

I said it is bigger than just ISIS.  It is.  We are at war with radical Islam.

Yes that’s not politically correct to say.  Some will say I go to0 far.  My response is simple.  Go fuck yourselves.  We are at war.  Radical Islam is in every country and it is growing.  Yes the vast majority of Muslims are good, hard working people.  That doesn’t mean we aren’t at war and that certainly doesn’t mean we should be mincing our words when talking about the nature of this war.

My advice to Mr. Trudeau and Mr. Dion is simple.  First, Mr. Trudeau should fire Mr. Dion.  The man isn’t qualified to run a lemonade stand let alone Foreign Affairs.  Second, both of them need to sober up and live in a little place I call the real world.

That’s my two bits.

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Tomorrow is Budget Day

Tomorrow the Trudeau Liberals are going to dump their budget on us.  Perhaps barf their budget on us is a better term.  Hell, let’s just call it inflict.

Now you’re probably thinking why is this guy complaining already?

Easy.  Back in November, before Trudeau lied to the Veterans about those Offices re-opening or that orgy of spending called Black Friday it was confirmed that Canada had a balanced budget.  The budget was in OK shape.  There was a razor slim surplus.   Trudeau and Morneau, his Finance Minister, tried to pretend that they were starting from a hole in the ground.   The squeals about the deficit not just being real being bigger than anticipated were howled for all to hear.  Those evil Conservatives.

Turns out Harper left him a balanced budget and Trudeau’s whining should be been silenced.  Needless to say after a spate of spending announcements and a non-revenue neutral tax cut we had a deficit delivered by the Liberals.  There’s a Trudeau tracking meter tracking his performances in office and it turns out he hit one on the head: he promised a deficit and delivered.

Laughs aside it’s not funny.  In fact, its serious.  They previously estimated the deficit at $18 billion and change.  TD Bank however said to think more like $30 billion and higher.  Over five years they said $150 billion in new debt.

Now you’re likely going to say, if you’re a Liberal, well your guy Harper ran up a way bigger deficit.   My retort there shall be, as always, Harper was caught in two events: (1.) a minority Parliament and (2.) the worst recession since the end of the Second World War.   In that latter point he was right to spend something to stimulate the economy.  In the former however, it was a Liberal-NDP-Bloc coalition attempt that actually forced said spending.  The Liberals and NDP later said they’d have spent even more.

Well now the Liberals are getting their chance and succeeding brilliantly.  Of course, if this is success than I don’t want to see failure.

The real question no one is asking is: do we need to run a deficit today?  Do we really need all this spending?

Well what were the reasons for this?  First off, the oil shock greatly hindered the economy last spring to the point we were in a technical recession.  National economic growth was non-existent.  I won’t tell you our economy is stellar right now but it could be way worse.  I’ll remind you as well that we’ve since returned to growth nationally and things are starting to move ahead.  Second, we have crumbling infrastructure.  Really?  Is it that bad out there?  Yes there’s some stuff that needs repairs and replacing but do we need to take out another mortgage on the farm for this?  No.  We don’t.  More importantly, where are cities and provinces on this stuff?

Let’s just recall a few posts I’ve made on this topic in the past.  Cities and provinces have the biggest role in infrastructure.  They are responsible for every road, bridge, school, hospital, fire department, etc save for the Trans Canada Highway in this country.  But they all claim to be broke.  So broke that they never build community centers, social housing, convention centers, hockey rinks, and host festivals and fund the local arts.  No that never happens.   Oh wait, that shit happens daily.

Ottawa needs to butt out of infrastructure and point the finger back at the cities and provinces and say, that’s your job and that’s what the Constitution says.

But like his daddy, Justin Trudeau is going to spend everywhere and for everyone and people like it because no one says no to what they think is free money.  Shit, I know it’s not free money.  It’s just going to be recovered later with tax hikes.

The answer is no.  We don’t need all this spending from Ottawa.  What we need Ottawa to do is set an example about living within our means.  To the people that spend $60,000 on a truck please pay attention.  You don’t need that massive Dodge Ram.  To the people that will run up a huge credit card bill going on a vacation, again, please pay attention.  Never go into debt for a vacation!  If we can’t afford it today or at least pay for it in a month then we shouldn’t be buying it.  And if Ottawa cannot finance it in this fiscal year then Ottawa should be rethinking its spending.

Is that so fucking complicated?

Folks there’s no crisis in the economy today.  The North American stock markets are all positive for the year now and even oil is over $40 a barrel.  The US economy is picking up steam.

Now if only someone would tell Justin Trudeau this.  Then again, would he listen?


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Another Firearms Post? Really?

Firearms come up in Canadian political discussions all the time and always for the wrong reasons.  You see when some yahoo or deranged killer goes out on a mass shooting spree in the good old USA a wave of Canadian idiots comes crashing against the shores of common sense whining that we need more gun control.

Yes, the crime may have happened in the USA but the fickle idiots in Canada decide we have to act to make our streets safer.  It doesn’t matter that knives are the first choice of weapon in the commission of crimes in Canada or that blunt force trauma is pretty much the number one cause of deaths during the commission of a crime.  Hell no.  The moment some freak in the USA shoots people the lunatics here go into a hysteria like horny caffeine addicted beavers trying to mate.

So over the weekend the news broke that the Liberals gave the job of firearms classification back to the RCMP along with the golden “final say” that Stephen Harper stripped them of.  There was a reason for this: the RCMP made mistakes and over stepped its bounds a variety of times when it came to firearms.

The first was the ridiculous classification of the Mossberg Blaze-47 as prohibited vs. the Mossberg Blaze as non-restricted.  These are both .22 LR rifles and semi-automatic.  The primary difference is that the Blaze-47 has a faux wood finish on the stock and grip.  These are, for all intents and purposes, the exact same firearm.  Worse though the RCMP refused to answer questions as to why they made this classification.  People were left to guess.

The second was the grotesque violation of civil rights in High River, Alberta during the floods some years back.  Home owners found their homes with smashed in doors, broken windows, cupboards flung open, beds and dressers rifled through, and furniture overturned.  Logically one would conclude that they’d been broken into by brazen opportunistic thieves.  Turns out that was not the case.   Instead the RCMP and its members, some wearing masks to cover their faces, went from house to house looking for weapons and without warrant or probable cause smashed in doors to find them.  The rationale was to secure them from looters.

What the RCMP glossed over was the simple reality that they acted like a bunch of jack booted thugs looking to terrorize the population.  Worse though was that the vast bulk of weapons they took were non-restricted rifles.  The lawful storage requirements are a lot more loose for them.  At the end of the day reviews found the RCMP has overstepped their authority and slapped them on the wrist.  No surprise there.

Hey folks I could talk about all the times the RCMP and other police engage in outright police brutality in this country but I don’t need to.  Let’s just keep that Sammy Yatim case in our minds.   Okay maybe you think I’m one of those police haters.  I’m not.  Most times I defend the police.  They are staffed with thousands of people that wanted to take up a noble profession of protecting their community and helping the helpless.   The vast majority of these people are noble and honorable.   I tip my hat to them because they earn it every day.

But there’s a problem here too.   The Liberals equally suffer from it and thus now does out government.  People that put the general public safety first and foremost usually end up taking it too far.  We see examples of this all the time.  Take schools that ban contact sports.  Why?  Cause kids might get hurt.  More schools ban peanut products than ever before.  Why?  Cause there might be an allergic kid out there.   Ponds on public property get signs for “no skating” during the winter.  Why?  Cause someone might misjudge the ice thickness and fall through.  Tobogganing and other sledding was even banned in Ottawa and other parts of this country because kids could get hurt.  The list goes on and on.

Of course we have heavy restrictions on firearms but is that really needed?  We do need up front licensing.  We need to make sure the people that get firearms are not criminals or have a criminal record or plan to use them for the purpose of suicide.  That’s right.  If you want to kill yourself see your family doctor I guess or use a rope or take some pills.  Just don’t use a gun.   I’m not sure even I could reconcile limiting firearms because people use them to commit suicide while supporting euthanasia.  But think about that for a minute.  These people won’t make suicide illegal – that’s logical – and they don’t want you to use a firearm or any other means.  No, they want you to see a doctor that they employ and then let a process work.  Basically, that’s more social control applied to the absurd level.

Well the RCMP now have the power to interpret the law and decide which guns are to be restricted, non-restricted, and prohibited.  They don’t have to give you any reasons either.  Worse, yes there’s a worse, they can take a gun that you own and declare it prohibited today without a reason and demand you surrender it to them for destruction.  That’s right folks you will not be compensated for your loss of private property.

All of this is done in the name of public safety.

Where does this leave us?  That’s the question.  It leaves us in a place where we trade our freedom over and over for security.

People will argue back, “but you aren’t free to own a weapon!”  Well at one time you were.  At one time you were free to skate on a frozen pond on public land or go tobogganing.  But you cannot today if some bureaucrat says “NO!” and cites “it’s a rule to protect the public.”  You see people, generation by generation are forgetting the freedoms their forefathers once had.  Freedoms they fought for and often died for.

Still think I’m wrong?  At one time you were allowed to say stupid stuff in public.  Today though if you say something really stupid in public it’ll go viral on YouTube or Facebook or Twitter.  Your boss could then fire you from your job.  The police might investigate you for a hate crime which at this stage we’re actually talking about thought crimes.

Well the police are more powerful than ever now and it seems the bulk of people have come to accept this.  I suspect some day, when we lose our freedoms out right, no one will care or notice because it happened over such a long period of time.  And people will defend the loss of freedom because being less free will make us safer.

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SFU video is sexist… really?

Okay so Simon FraserUniversity aka SFU in British Columbia put out a video for National Sweater Day.   Here’s a link to it via a CTV report.  The video shows a female professor in her office.  A good looking young man stops by and says nice sweater.  There’s some undertone implied.  He then leaves and she giggles.

Now this video is called sexist for the following reasons in the story:

  1. the male student refers to her as Ms. and not Professor,
  2. the female professor is shown with a video game on her monitor instead of “real work”, and
  3. she giggles at the attention from the male student after he leaves.

Yes the video is silly and dumb and totally misses its message.  There is a message.  National Sweater Day is a day to encourage energy conservation.  You know wear a sweater and turn down the heat.  Seems obvious enough when you read what National Sweater Day is about.  The video totally misses making that point.

But is this really sexist?  No it isn’t.  It is sexist in the minds of the hypersensitive and those that are looking for reasons to be offended.  Imagine we reversed the roles of the actors and it was the male professor at his desk, same monitors, and a female student complimenting him on his sweater in a sultry tone.  Would anyone be calling that sexist?  Nope.  Why?  Cause in this society men are allowed to be discriminated against.  More to the point, men are blamed for pretty much everything today so making fun of them is just fine.

Wait?  You think I’m wrong.  Consider the following.  On television programs which characters are depicted as stupid or slow witted?  Well there’s Homer Simpson from The Simpsons along with Peter Griffin from Family Guy.  There’s Mike Biggs from Mike and Molly along with Vincent and Carl.  On The Last Man on Earth on Fox the character of Phil is portrayed as mostly clueless.  Now contrast those male characters with the female characters.  Characters such as Marge and Lisa from the Simpsons, Lois and Meg from Family Guy, and Molly from Mike and Molly are all shown as educated, over achievers, and much more intelligent than their male counterparts.   In the CW’s The 100 the top characters are all women with the men mostly hapless fools that cause problems.  Even in my beloved Harry Potter which characters were the smartest?  Well it wasn’t Harry and Ron who despite their bravery were mostly no where near as sharp as Hermione.  Heck go back to Buffy the Vampire Slayer and you’ll see that Buffy, Willow, and Cordelia were the smart ones while Xander and the rest of the male characters were not the smartest or wholly awkward through the show’s run.  Finally, in virtually every show and move the villains are male and not female.

Had that video for SFU had the genders reverse no one would have cared.

Now put all that aside, is it really sexism or is it just tongue in cheek comedy gone awry?  It’s the latter.  It’s not funny to be blunt.  It’s not clever.  It is in fact very amateur looking.  Yet failing to be funny, clever, and being amateur is not an indictment of sexism.  Is it even demeaning?  If you think so you’re being hypersensitive.  Despite seeing Homer Simpson as a dope and Peter Griffin as an irresponsible fool and so many other male characters being relegated to buffoonery in the media that doesn’t bother me.  Why?  Cause it’s just a lame attempt most times to be funny.  Sometimes it is funny.

SFU should have taken to social media and the media in general and started a discussion on what is and is not sexist.  Should women be paid for equivalent work vis a vis their male counterparts?  Absolutely.  Should women be allowed to serve in combat roles in the military?  Absolutely.  Should women be given the same employment opportunities as men?  Absolutely.  That’s how you stop sexism.  Should women be made fun of in the comedy television shows and movies like men?  Yup.  If you want equality and respect then you have to be open to everything.

I think schools like SFU do all of us a disservice by cow towing to the loudest angry voices on issues like this.  After all, a university is a place of learning and part of learning, a huge part, is discussing and presenting arguments about ideas.  The moment that video was labeled sexist and the social media outcry began SFU scrambled for cover.  There was no debate.  There was no larger discussion.

Instead angry stupid people that needed something to bitch about took to Facebook and Twitter and branded the video sexist and then proceeded to shut off their brains.

The hypersensitive assholes out there are really trying my patience.

Now here’s something else to consider.   Watch the video again.  Note the young man.  Is he really given a better treatment?  Does he look like an academic?  Or rather does he look like a model?  His tone of voice and brief appearance is meant to convey a, shall I say, sultry, persona.  In fact, isn’t he just as sexualized and marginalized as the professor is?  Isn’t he portrayed as nothing more than a heterosexual male looking for physical arousal if not more?  He’s stereotypical in his very brief appearance.

Did anyone note that?  Did any one of the women on Twitter or Facebook complain about this?  I checked.  The answer at the time was none.  I think more telling is that not a single man complained about this either.  That’s right guys.  You can talk to a professor without using her title, be all sultry, and apparently that’s expected of you.  That’s how people think you are and how you act.

Should I be offended?  No.  Why?  Cause I’m a grown up and I’m not stupid.

People, get the fuck over yourselves and stop whining about every little bullshit thing that you see, hear, and read.

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Ontario Court Justice Andrew Buttazzoni: A Great Man

Wow… second time in as many days that something has shocked me.  Yesterday it was that idiot David Suzuki that made comments so stupid that he reached a new level of asinine.  Today though it is the complete opposite.

Ontario Court Justice Andrew Buttazzoni, Subury, Ontario sentenced Roger Rouleau, age 32, to nine years in jail for a home invasion that left two seniors deeply traumatized.  One later died with the Buttazzoni stating he had no doubt that Rouleau’s actions hastened the man’s death.  His wife was left deeply emotionally scarred and now afraid to come to her own door.

Here’s what Buttazzoni said during sentencing, This sentence is not to assist you with rehabilitation. This sentence is to send the message to you, the community, that situations like this will be dealt with harshly.

Oh my God this is the greatest judge in Canada!  Ever!  Why do I say that?  Well OK I’d prefer the guy get a life sentence at hard labour but this is incredible in Canada.  He, Rouleau, is getting nine years.  Normally the limp wrist so-called judges we have in this country do all they can to find reasons to reduce sentences or invoke that not criminally responsible bullshit.  But not Buttazzoni.  He said for all intents and purposes that he’s punishing this low life scum bag Rouleau and throwing the book at him.

This has been the problem with Canada since I was a kid.  Criminals cry to the courts that they got a bum wrap in life and the courts sympathized with them.  Everyone did.  Only the worst of the worst ended up getting a sentence that was actually life in jail.  Think I’m wrong?  Remember that Omar Khadr asshole?  Yeah him.  Fights for the Taliban and kills a medic and gets almost this entire country including many of its leaders weeping for his return.  He comes back to literally a hero’s homecoming.  I almost threw up seeing that crap.

People that fight for evil and bad people and / or commit evil acts are evil.  They aren’t misguided.  They aren’t damaged.  They are adults that choose to do evil and that’s how we have to view them.  Maybe Buttazzoni doesn’t entirely agree with me but he, at the very least, saw a criminal standing before him and punished him.

That’s what criminals deserve.  Not respect.  Not understanding.  Not sympathy.

Criminals deserve the harsh judgement of the law and the punishment that comes with it.

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David Suzuki… Yes he’s a baked Canadian!

Holy shit!  I read the latest David Suzuki quote today and I thought I was in fucking la-la land.

Here’s what he said this time, “I really believe that people like the former Prime Minister of Canada should be thrown in jail for willful blindness. ” (Rolling Stone)

My first question would be Mr. Suzuki are you fucking insane?  That would also be a serious question.  Why do I think Suzuki is insane?  Here’s my reasoning.  He says people like Stephen Harper not just Stephen Harper should be thrown in jail.  That means all of us or any of us that don’t agree with Suzuki are, in his mind, criminals.  We must be thrown in jail because we dare to disagree with him.

Maybe you’re laughing at that.  I’m not.  This kind of shit is scary.  Think about it.  Most people that believe in man-made climate change have no idea of the science.  They have no understanding of the underlying mathematics behind the models that predict what could happen.  They have no idea that those models have at one time or another been shown to suffer from a variety of flaws either.  Or worse, they ignore the criticism of them just like the faithful ignore the contradictions in their own chosen religions.

In other words, they guess at a future that could happen.  Now you can disagree with me on this and embrace your religion.  For the record, I do believe in climate change.  I believe mankind has some connection to it.  I don’t believe though that scare tactics and bullying are called for.  I certainly do not believe or will ever advocate throwing people in jail for not thinking as I do.  Mr. Suzuki apparently feels quite different.

But this is really bigger than just Mr. Suzuki.  It’s about a movement of self described progressives that believe they hold the truth in their hands and everything else is heresy.  Didn’t we reject this kind of thinking centuries ago during the Reformation when people got fed up with the Catholic Church and broke away in the Protestant Movement?  More recently aren’t nations around the world fighting against Islamic terrorists and movements that demand we all accept their version of religious doctrine because they declare that it is the truth and cannot be questioned?

The idea that someone would think throwing people in jail for governing in accordance with the Constitution after having won an election is down right dumb.  Canada, folks, is stuck with the Liberals and their legions of progressive followers for four years.  Okay so Mr. Suzuki isn’t going to get his way.  But just how far will progressives like Mr. Suzuki go and what will they get?  What kind of laws and regulations will they lobby for and how many will see the light of day?

If you said none then just remember when Alan Rock and the anti-gun advocates  were just members of the Opposition.  They gained power.  What did we get after that?  We got a long gun registry that didn’t make any sense and went 1,000 times over budget.  Nuts?  No that’s baked!

Well if Mr. Suzuki is any indication then the lunatics are running the asylum.

Folks, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  Mr. Suzuki is a genuine baked Canadian.


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The Unethical Left: Why the Canadian Left is Wrong on Israel

People in Canada, mostly those on the left, are flat out wrong on the Middle East and with respect, especially towards Israel.

The Boycott Divestment Sanctions movement or BDS is a dream of morons and dip shits across this great nation and is the newest tool leftists have against the Jewish state.  Here’s what it means.  Leftists encourage, and at times demand, that organizations, businesses, and governments engage in the following range of actions.  First, they demand people boycott Israel in all forms.  Second, they demand that you and everyone else divest or rather, take your money out of Israel.  Third they demand that governments sanction Israel and isolate it.  They reasoning is simple, like their small smooth brains: if Israel is crippled it will be forced to accept a one sided peace deal with the Palestinians.

Okay I bet you’re thinking that good old Baked Canadians is an Israeli sympathizer!  Well no I’m not.  I’m a fucking realist.  Israel was founded on May 14, 1948.  That is the modern state of Israel.  The Israeli nation had existed in one form or another for about 5,000 years prior.  Over the next 67 years Israel, we’re not quite at 68 yet, has been attacked over and over and over.  Arab states attacked it repeatedly and each time Israel defended herself and occupied conquered lands.  Is that fair?  Hell yeah.  You violently attack me and I end up beating the crap out of you well I’m going to sue your ass in court and take your fucking house.  Same thing for a country being attacked over and over.

Israel signed formal piece treaties with Egypt and Jordan.  Yet Iran, Saudi Arabia, and many other states continued to directly fund terrorist groups like the Palestinian Liberation Organization, Hamas, and Hezbollah.  Those terror groups sponsored conventional attacks consisting of rocket attacks against Israeli targets for years.

Eventually the PLO went legit, as they say, and ceased its terrorist activities.  Guess what?  In the West Bank were the PLO calls the shots they’ve had no war with Israel for years.  It’s not remotely close to perfect and it is tense as Hell but it’s better than the Hamas controlled Gaza strip which has seen two wars in the last decade.

Yet today many Canadians, you can see them on Facebook or on Newspapers continue to condemn and attack Israel for its occupation of Palestinian lands.  Oh these merry idiots ignore the wars Israel was subjected too.  They ignore the almost daily terrorism Israel and Israeli civilians face.

Personally I’ve always felt there is a residue of antisemitism in this country and especially on the left.  Why?  Because people of the Jewish faith have always been viewed as members of the elite or the controlling class because of the wealth they control.  If you believe that then you are a clueless moron.  Seriously.  You are.  So when ever you see Canadians talking about Israel the ones condemning it most eventually get around to saying that the Israeli lobby controls the media or they control the banks or whatever.

What so many on the left in Canada just don’t get is that in the Middle East Israel is the only real democracy.  They are the only country that has a rule of law.  Hell, Israel is the only country in the Middle East that an arrested Palestinian terrorist gets a trial in a public court with a lawyer provided by the state if needed.  You know what they do to Palestinians that break the law in Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, etc?  Most of the time they just shoot them after a round of torture or as in the case of the Saudis hold a bogus trial and then behead the poor bastard in public.

Yeah… Israel is so evil.  How come assholes still believe that nonsense?

That’s my rant on the topic.

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