Justin Trudeau: Get the fuck out of my way!

Okay so we have only the word of Parliamentarians, not all of them, to know if he actually said that as he attempted to grab Gord Brown and bring him back to his seat to start a vote.  Depending on your point of view he either bumped into NDP MP Ruth Ellen Brosseau or elbowed her in the tits.  Well actually “chest” was the word the media used.

But I’m not going to talk about that.  Instead I want to show you some of the fucked up rationalizations from Liberal supporters posting on Facebook at the National Post.

trudeau-elbows-01Now you might remember Mr. Liggins was the one that post bombed Baked Canadians a while back.  At least an account with that name was used.  I blocked him and banned him from the page.  Yet he’s back.  This is a new account.   His view of course is that the Liberals can do no wrong and that it’s the NDP’s fault.  I posted one of his comments for you.

trudeau-elbows-02Now this is from a well known Liberal troll that’s had several accounts banned or blocked over the months at National Post.  Mr. Miller or whatever his name is automatically blames Conservatives for everything.  His post doesn’t actually make sense but there it is.  Apparently if you oppose the Liberals you will get what you deserve.  In this case, elbowed in the tits.


A lot of Liberal supporters cannot seem to understand that the Opposition has a job.  That is to oppose.  Mr. Gaetz seems to think that the Liberals can do no wrong and that this is all the Tories and NDP’s fault.  This is despite the fact that Mr. Trudeau is the one that got up, crossed the floor, and tried to grab the CPC Whip while elbowing Ms. Brosseau.

trudeau-elbows-04You have to wonder about this Mr. Ewins.  Fuddle duddle?  Really?

If you got up out of your chair and attempted to grab someone that was standing in a room and then elbowed a woman in the tits what do you think should happen to you?  Well if you’re a regular human being you’d get slapped if you were lucky and worse, you’d be charged with assault.

trudeau-elbows-05I think Ms. Bharucha’s post might have been one of the worst I’ve seen yet.  It’s the worst because it’s one of the stupidest.  First off, it blames the Opposition for doing their job.  Yes, the job of the Opposition is to oppose.  The NDP might be zealous in their approach to their job but that’s what they are supposed to do.  Second, and perhaps more awful is the citing of Newton’s Third Law.  It’s actually missing “in the opposite direction” but why quibble?  It’s a terrible comment to make because Ms. Bharucha is blaming the victim.

Think about it.  A woman is jogging on the street.  She’s wearing workout clothing that is tight fitting.  A man jumps out from the bushes and tries to grab her.  It is not her fault.  She didn’t provoke him.  A woman doesn’t have to explain to any one why she wore what she wore.

That folks is just like Ellen Ruth Brosseau.  She doesn’t have to explain why she was standing where she was standing.  She doesn’t have to apologize for standing up.  Trudeau hit her and yes elbowing someone is for all intents and purposes the act of hitting them.

Mr. Trudeau has his another scandal.  He’s apologized profusely and I suspect, with a lot of confidence he’ll survive this.  He’s the PM with a majority government.  Of course he’s got the votes to survive this.

For me though it is the quality of Liberal voters that I cast doubt upon.  People that rationalize this are as bad as those that used to say, “Well she was asking for it!”  Bullshit.  Women don’t ask for it and no man has the right to just do as he pleases because he’s the Prime Minister.

That so many Liberal supporters are blaming everyone but the Prime Minister says a lot.

Oh and yes, I took screen shots of dozens of other comments.  I could comment on all of them but let’s face it.  They only get worse.

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