Welcome to Baked Canadians

What is a baked Canadian?  Well I’m deliberately drawing from the popular image of the pot head that’s baked.  I mean think about Cheech and Chong.  They were pretty baked.  Or Ashton Kutcher in Dude Where’s My Car.  He was pretty baked in that movie or when he and his fellow cast mates were on That 70s Show.  

People say stupid things in politics.  Honestly our elections are about sifting through heaps of crap to find the least objectionable asshole to lie to us every few years.  I’m pretty right wing so I do favour right wing parties.  But even they say stupid shit some times.

Every few days or so I’m going to comment on one of these Baked Canadians and explain to you why this dipstick is a moron.   As you can tell I use colourful language.  I thought about being formal in my language and academic but shit there’s a thousand other blogs doing that.

The most difficult part of this blog is determining which Baked Canadian I’ll cover at any given time.

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